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Author Topic: old posts from old forums....  (Read 3341 times)
Ed Schilling
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« on: December 27, 2010, 01:07:06 PM »

I'm going to try and move a lot of the old posts....the format may suck but the info needs to be saved....please bear with'll get better as time goes on...

To avoid confusion this thread is locked so that all that is here is from the other forum. There was some good info over there. I'll move as much as I can so that they can still be read, even if not replied to. We'll start a current thread for The Truth on this board where we can discuss and add replies.

First attempt.....

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       01/21/10 at 12:26 AM   Reply with quote   #1
I'll edit and add to this thread when I can.....

All the info on the Truth from our old forum is now lost, so, here we go again!

It has an input impedance too high to measure, output impedance is a couple ohms, bandwidth is to 60Mhz, slew rate is a couple hundred V/microsecond.

There are no capacitors or resistors in the signal path. There is no potentiometer in the signal path.

It uses photo cells to control the volume. It does not use optocouplers.

It is an "active" device and suffers none of the "problems" that "passive volume control/pre amps" have. It can drive long (30 feet) cables with ease.

I've had parts of this circuit run for 10 years without failure.

As far as I know there is nothing like it available for any price.....I could be wrong but I doubt it. I looked "pretty hard and long".

More to come......I got the damn "swine flu" and feel like Hell right now.

ps...maybe it's the bird flu, who the Hell knows, I still feel like crap.

THE ABOVE IS FROM THE OLD FORUM! I'll add replies as time becomes available or after I get Sidney on it Smiley
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