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Author Topic: They have lost their minds..........  (Read 2434 times)
Ed Schilling
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« on: January 21, 2017, 05:29:05 PM »

Well, the left is truly insane. Trump hates women so he let one run his (landslide) campaign. They care about women's rights but not the unborn little girls. They think I should pay for their birth control and abortions when they simply are too lazy, stupid or would just rather kill a baby than use what they make me pay for or can get for a dollar. Pills cost 9 bucks a month. Why are THEY not responsible for screwing and not getting pregnant? How about this...screw you idiots that are too stupid to use birth control and HELL NO not a dime of MY tax money should go to you to kill the unborn BABY  because you are an irresponsible monster.

Every single thinking person can understand that ultrasound changed things. Before it women may not have actually KNOWN how a baby in the womb looked or if it could feel. Now that we do know this it is simply incomprehensible to me that a mother could kill her child. There are exceptions and I see no reason to discuss them.........any thinking person already has an idea of them. The left thinks partial birth abortion is just fine, need I say more? After all it's a woman's right. But OTOH......the man has no say unless she bears the child and then he must pay. This is seriously screwed up. What if he'd prefer not to have his daughter killed? Men's rights don't matter?

Are you guys listening to the morons protesting? They make as much sense as poking your own eye out. I am truly stunned that grown adults are acting like petulant little children.

God help us all if those idiots ever get back or in power............after 8 years of shitting on our friends and sucking the man sausage of our enemies I'm hoping for change Smiley

POS (little barry) his leaving "speech" used "I" >70 times.........Mr. Trump used it 3 times but he used "the american people" >40 in his inaugural address  What a narcissistic bastard he is, obviously, to mention himself 3 freaking God.  But  a petulant little man child like barry had to keep reminding us of how great he was. What a little boy he is.

We were saved from an incompetent, habitually lying, treasonous (well selling influence in advance qualifies), incompetent,  sick (in both meanings of the word) old woman. Notice the Klinton "global initiative"  has been shut down. Huh, I guess they have no way to pay back all the money they were given. Time to tuck tail and run away. Soooooo......she can't sell influence now so all their "charity work" and helping the poor is no longer needed and the foundation just spent all the money on all that charity work. Yea, right.

Thank GOD they are finally gone.
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« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2017, 11:27:13 AM »

Yeah, well, I have friends who are liberal and their posts on social media make me want to ask, "Where have you been for last 8 years?".  Basically, now the sky is falling, according to them.  They've been drinking the socialist utopian Kool-aid mixed by the main stream media.  They are unhinged.

Thank GOD they are finally gone.
Never know...  Given the age of Bernie Sanders and the lack of viable contenders for next election, they may try to revive the Klintons.  BTW, I didn't see her name on Obama's pardon list.  The plot gets thicker...  Cool
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