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Author Topic: pics of new box  (Read 10125 times)
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« Reply #15 on: August 07, 2016, 02:24:13 PM »

Hi Ed,

Just a few concerns as I seek  to verify if your preamp will work in my system.
First off as you might know it will be replacing my Prometheus TVC preamp.
My concern is that it is stated that your pre has no gain and that comes across
as a concern to me. As stated I am using a TVC with an outboard buffer stage
which gives me an additional 6db of output.
My system consist of the below:

Musical design transport and converter
Prometheus TVC passive with buffer stage
Sanders Magtech Amp
Proac Response three speakers (cut off at 100db)
Muse model 18 subwoofer.

I have always been intrigued with your preamp but, I simply want to be sure it'll work in my system before proceeding.


Ed Schilling
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« Reply #16 on: August 07, 2016, 03:14:16 PM »

Derockster, please contact me off forum as it is much easier for me Smiley

The short answers are .....unless your system is  poorly matched you have never needed gain and probably never used it. Imagine this.......if you plugged your DAC directly into your power amp and hit "play" would it be "loud enough"? Well, unless your system is poorly matched it will either be "loud enough" or break you speakers!

All that matters is the output voltage of the source and the input sensitivity of the amp. The source needs at least what the amp requires...or close. For most sources this will be 2-3 volts and the same for the input sensitivity of the amp. Again, you've probably never driven that buffer into gain.

The Truth will make it sound broken Smiley
Steve F
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« Reply #17 on: August 08, 2016, 08:39:53 AM »

The Truth will work just fine. A lot of systems have too mush gain. What they really need are control, attenuation of source signal, and very, very important, buffering. That's where most preamps fail.
I've found very few that do both well. Add in providing enough current, and I know of only three, one of which is no longer in production.
I'm a customer of Roger Sanders too. My main system has his 10C speakers. I don't use his Magtech or ESL amps. They're great, but I can't afford them. I use different amps, actually recommended by Roger. (Like Ed, he is an honest guy, and sensitive to his customer's needs.)
The Magtech is fully driven at 2 volts, and most CD players top out at 2.5 volts. No problem there. If you play vinyl, buy Bruce's phono pre. It's phenomenal.
Where the truth excels, is in the extremely low impedance buffering stage. Your Magtech will be very happy with the signal your Truth supplies, and no passive device comes close.

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« Reply #18 on: August 08, 2016, 09:50:32 AM »

The situation with The Truth is, how good is your Source component? The Truth is capable beyond any other element of your system. Not only that but by its nature it will not sugar coat, fudge or cover for weaknesses in the Source. Quite the opposite in fact. With The Truth in play the true nature of the Source is completely exposed. Spotlit even. The virtues of the Source are there to be seen for sure and so are the deficiencies.

We audio consumers are used to hearing compromised Sources that are cloaked by the downstream components. This 'sound' is the generally accepted norm. Not just at the low-fi level, but well up into the fringes of the best that is available. This of course benefits second-rate Sources and paradoxically keeps the owners of the same happy with those Sources and thus happy with the sound of their system. The Truth is an exceptional component but in most if not all systems it needs to be utilised as a means to optimise the Source component(the most deficient component in most systems).

How many times do you see people walking away from a demonstration of an exceptional system and saying "Gosh. Didn't those speakers sound awesome"? Obviously those speakers did their job well, but I guarantee, if that same superb system had a flawed Source the reaction would not be quite as positive. There would probably be praise but muted and there would be a feeling that something wasn't quite right about the sound.

Most people will love the way the The Truth gives them more of what their Source does well. Which it does. Without ever realising that The Truth is capable far beyond that but their Source isn't. Whether that is because their Source isn't optimised or simply because it simply cannot rise beyond the level that they are hearing depends upon the individual situation. Look at what Arthur Salvatore says in the initial paragraph of his spot on review of The Truth:

""The Truth" line stage can even be thought of as a "tool" and/or Reference for both audio designers and those serious audiophiles interested in finally learning the true (no pun intended) capabilities, and limitations, of both their sources and their current line stages."

The Truth offers anyone who is serious about hearing their music software an opportunity to figure out how to proceed or go to work at or assess with absolute confidence what really excels, what merely plods and what truly fails at the Source position of the system chain. I promise you, Truth owners out there, The Truth has capability beyond your Source. If you take the time and effort to do your utmost to get the utmost out of your software, The Truth will take your entire system to places that you didn't think recorded music could inhabit. Generally guys our Source component either needs work to sound brilliant or needs replacing. The Truth both will never compensate for a weak link Source and it will never show what it can do until that situation is rectified.

There is not just an Everest of great software out there, but a Himalayan range of it. Unfortunately there is also a Himalayan range of so-so Sources  and great Sources that require optimisation. Fortunately, as Arthur said, we finally have a tool that will give us an unequivocal view of what is going-on at the Source end of the chain. Whether we recognise this opportunity for what it offers, or whether we make excuses or worse still, as a matter of pride, defend our flawed Source will determine  which outcome we arrive at. An exceptional system which utilises the game changing capabilities of The Truth or whether we have a system which contains The Truth but never really ever sees anything like the full benefit of containing The Truth.

By all means, buy The Truth but don't stop there. Use The Truth. Learn form The Truth. Act upon the testimony of The Truth. Glorious sound and musical pleasure is just over the horizon. Take the journey. Don't see The Truth as the destination.

Turntable - Yamaha GT 2000
Cartridge - Soundsmith The Voice (ebony).
Phono stage - Moon LP 5.3
Preamp - Hornshoppe The Truth
Speakers - KRK Expose E8B Studio Monitors
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