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Author Topic: New Tech  (Read 1471 times)
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« on: January 27, 2015, 12:48:12 PM »

 I moved this to another thread since it goes beyond Vinnie’s patent pending tech, but I think it’s good to guess where we going with regard to music playback.  As Ed says on his front page there’s probably not much going to happen in the “real world” of speakers, but there’s game changing technology ahead in electronics and digital.

 In addition to Vinne’s  SMPS, there is a Kickstarter from some Harvard kids for an SMPS that switches in VHF.  They did this to reduce the size but I’d like to see what it does to noise.

Meridian’s MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) was the talk of CES and to me this opens up a whole new world of good sounding music.  Not so much the MQA technology (a bunch of marketing speak so far) but the idea that it is o.k. to DSP the incoming digital stream or source.  If the digital file is no longer sacred then why not digitally alter it to what sounds best given what you have in terms of hardware, software, andr bandwidth?  The only question will be, “what sounds best?”  Instead of having to go out and buy the Berkeley Alpha reference DAC in a few milliseconds a DSP engine can give you the Alpha DAC sound.  If that’s the best… 

Add DSP on the front end to DSP on the back end and you will really have something. Math Audio will give you a free Foobar plugin that, after taking samples from your room, DSPs the player’s output to compensate for both your room and your hardware. All you need is the mic. 

Marry the incoming DSP with the compensating DSP in 64bit (or higher) processing space and the sky is the limit.  Instead of having to go out and buy components, cables, and the “latest” you can just make a few slide adjustments on your iPhone and presto you have “it.”  Defining “it” I predict is going to be the hardest part.
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