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Author Topic: Best Amp ever..........  (Read 14891 times)
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« Reply #45 on: December 16, 2013, 02:20:07 PM »

If any of you guys ever run a new circuit or circuits to supply power to your
audio,  Instead of using basic 12-2 romex, which has parallel conductors laying flat,
You can use 12-3 which has three current carrying conductors in a twist.
the 3rd conductor can either be capped off (not used), or you can use it as a
2nd circuit.

Just beware that the 2 circuits need to be phased oppositely A&B phase (not A&A or B&B)
otherwise you will get double the current on the "shared"  neutral (white) wire.
It is somewhat risky using a "multiwire" or "3 wire" circuit as they are often called, due to
the fact that if that Neutral wire connection becomes loose & opens up, your outlets
will receive a full 240 volts and will smoke your equipment.

Your home may already have one or more of these circuits as they are actually very common.
But if you are like me and value your equipment, I would not recommend using a 3 wire circuit,\
where the neutral is shared with another circuit.

There is another way to use a twisted conductor romex cable.  You can use 12-2-2 romex,
which is 4 twisted (current carrying) conductors colored as follows....................
Black-White-Red-White with red candy stripe.  2 "hot" wires, & 2 Neutral wires, (+bare ground).
no worrying about an open neutral wire causing equipment meltdown, since each circuit has
It's own dedicated neutral.

If you cannot find 12-2-2, you may also use 12-4, but 12-4 has a blue wire instead of a white/red stripe,
so you would need to tape the insulation with white electrical tape on both ends to identify
it as a neutral.

Being an electrical contractor I have been called out on many repair jobs to correct an "open Neutral"
condition where expensive audio equipment, appliances, computers, etc. etc. have been burned up
from the high voltage that results from loss of a neutral connection.

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