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1  General Category / General Discussion / Boom boom? on: May 08, 2019, 04:44:40 PM
This may be something for guys looking for some inexpensive sub watts.
2  General Category / Hornshoppe Anouncements / Re: "Hornfest 2019" on: May 07, 2019, 11:58:33 AM
Thanks to Helen and Ed.  I had a great time just being there and I'll bet others did as well.  For us old guys, it's going home.  Anyway, the foods and the moods were always fine.  I missed the rocket (go figure) but heard it was excellent.  

John's 45 amp is very, very good.  I'd go a solid grade A although it's a wimpy 45.  Great tube and fine amp.  The impact and tone were wonderful.  

Randy's small OBs are an example of things that shouldn't work.  They can throw holographs at 8'.

Ed's Truth preamp is still topping my list of "things that can't work".  Wink

3  General Category / General Discussion / Re: DIY Headphone amp on: April 22, 2019, 05:14:52 PM
Hi Capt., that looks great.  You can probably find various colors of extruded aluminum enclosures at Amazon or retailers such as Digi-key, etc.  I'd suggest the proper size as pictured to accept the board, but a nice wood case "wood" be very nice.  Wink
4  General Category / General Discussion / Re: DIY Headphone amp on: April 20, 2019, 07:53:25 PM
Hi Capt., I recently saw some info for the Emotiva A-100 amp and it seems to be an interesting and affordable amp suited for flexibly powering headphones.  The reviews seem really good and being a fossil myself, the throwback nature of the amp is intriguing to me.

I know you are interested in a diy project, but I thought this may be something to consider since it can drive any headphone with its operating options and the switchable power settings (120v / 230v) could be useful for your situation.  It may be a good fit and save your fingertips from those pesky burns.  Smiley

Please let us know what you decide to do.

5  General Category / Hornshoppe Anouncements / Re: "Hornfest 2019" on: April 17, 2019, 05:10:07 PM
Ah... fest time again.  I'll be there simply for the need of refreshing my Hindi (Leesville Lodge).  Cheesy
6  General Category / General Discussion / Re: Used Crown XLS 2502 on ebay 04/10/2019 on: April 10, 2019, 11:39:18 AM
You'll enjoy the 2502 amp.  I have a pair and the cooler looking black face, less intrusive display and selectable input sensitivity make the "2" version very nice for home audio. 

BTW... aside from the input sensitivity options, the 2501's are functionally the same and worthy of a look if the price is right.  The blue death ray display can be tamed with some window tint, etc.  Wink
7  General Category / Technical discussion / Re: Thinking loud on: April 09, 2019, 07:32:04 PM
Hey Michel, ESS made a speaker with a large driver (10 in?) coupled with the Heil years ago and had issues with the low frequency driver being higher mass and sounding noticeably slower than the Heil.  That created problems with the two drivers overlapping seamlessly.  i see ESS has a modern version of the old speaker, so maybe they have addressed that issue.

Maybe Ed can offer some wisdom here...
8  General Category / Technical discussion / Re: Fostex T90a supertweeter question on: April 02, 2019, 08:37:10 AM
Thanks Capt Z for the encouragement.

Madisound shared the following in an email this morning:

We have also noticed that theoretical design is not working for super tweeters. We also tell people to experiment with different cap values until it blends with the system.  When measuring afterwards, we notice the output of the tweeter is usually 4 to 6 dB louder than the full range driver.  This higher output would also cause a lower overlap with the full range speaker.

That's good enough for me...
9  General Category / Technical discussion / Fostex T90a supertweeter question on: April 02, 2019, 01:17:45 AM
I'm using the T90a's with some Bozak speakers.  An older guy on the Bozak forum (one of those yahoo forum groups) jumped when I was foolish enough to respond to a guy's inquiry regarding supertweeter options.  I simply stated I have been using the Fostex T90a and a 0.22uF cap with good results and was basically called ignorant.  He said the crossover point is multiples higher than the threshold of audibility and couldn't work.  Well, he couldn't make it work on his bench, but he wasn't using a T90a.  I know Fostex recommends 0.47 - 2.0uF caps and he stated that was bogus and Fostex needs to rethink that info sheet.  Roll Eyes

The math and tables out there do indicate he is correct about the crossover point, but I get substantial output from the Fostexes and certainly can't hear anything above 15kHz.  Can someone explain how this is possible?  I realize basic things such as the output doesn't fall off a cliff at the crossover point and the concept of 1st order slopes, etc.  Does the very high efficiency (106 dB) of the T90a somehow make this possible?

I hate to be put in a corner by a know-it-all ass when trying to be helpful.  This guy even questioned the economics of using a pair of $215 tweeters.

I really don't care to further that argument, now I'm just curious.
10  General Category / General Discussion / Re: ESS Headphones... on: March 27, 2019, 10:32:40 AM
Closed headphones. Would be interesting to know what they sound like. I just bought a used Beyerdynamic DT990 80 ohms and my AKG K550 are on sale.

I'm curious as well.  i think the ESS uses a single 50mm driver.  I have too many toys to buy a pair.  Wink  I think the drop ends today.
11  General Category / General Discussion / ESS Headphones... on: March 26, 2019, 02:01:09 PM
Massdrop has the entry level ESS closed back headphone on sale for $90 (save $30).  They look impressive for a <$100 headphone with wood and metal.  I don't use headphones, so I won't be buying, but some of y'all may be interested.

edit: Ricco has the Great Heil AMT on sale for $170 each.  Still a great price!

12  General Category / Technical discussion / Re: My Spectral DMA50 Amp on: January 26, 2019, 07:40:26 AM
I'd check the amp's DC offset first, then swap some signal and power cords.  It could just be as simple as a ground wire from the source to the amp.

My cat has one talent: pulling wire.  I always have to check connectors before playing music.
13  General Category / Politics and Religion / Re: Educate Me!!! on: January 17, 2019, 01:23:16 PM
So, I guess sacrificing security comes second behind politics.  Being old has advantages.

I'm "underserved" should read I'm "undeserving".
14  General Category / Politics and Religion / Educate Me!!! on: January 06, 2019, 08:40:35 AM
Why is impeding illegal folks from invading the US an issue?
15  General Category / General Discussion / It sucks to be a game chick (USC) on: December 30, 2018, 06:21:24 AM
Virginia wore them out!  I only watched some of it because it was played in Charlotte and I have family members that went to UVA.

I thought UVA would win, but 28-0... ouch.  Cry

Clemson put the leprechauns in their overrated cage and Alabama rules once again.  It's really good to live in the southeast.

And then there's basketball, oh my.  Grin
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