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Title: My Art has gone viral!
Post by: Ed Schilling on October 25, 2018, 06:42:44 PM
I have been doing this Art for a couple years but never gotten recognition for my genius. That changed today! I'm getting the recognition and respect I deserve, finally!

A girl I don't know saw a piece of my work and posted it on her FB page. It's getting a share every couple minutes! A young black girl we know that we gave a "leaf knife" (search on EBay) to (we give them to all chicks around Leesville, for protection) saw the post that the girl made and wrote, "I know who did that, it's this crazy old white dude named "Ed".  How funny is that? Someone saw the thing and shared it with Donald ......and so it goes!

I am proud to do my part to advance the culture of fine "street art".
As always, you must be logged in to see the images of my craft!
ps....someone just posted that they did this type work back in 2013 and I have stole their idea......liars and haters....haters back off!

Title: Re: My Art has gone viral!
Post by: 2wo on October 25, 2018, 09:34:06 PM
I thought it was politically incorrect to call someone a "crazy old white dude". Shouldn't it be something like, "mentally flexible", no that's not it.

 How about "reality neutral", "youthfully challenged", I think Ill stop there.

"dude's" probably OK though...John