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Title: Carolina Uprising
Post by: Henry on October 23, 2017, 08:41:35 PM
So, last Saturday I went to Cary NC to see Poco, Pure Prairie League, Outlaws, Marshall Tucker and Charlie Daniels.  It was bittersweet since there were some pretty good performances and I wasn't in the top 95th percentile of age.  ;D  Some bands relied on a single original member and a name, but they rocked the Southern anthems pretty well.  I suppose I liked the Outlaws the best with their twin lead guitar work and that "old man kick ass" attitude... and they sounded powerful. 

I won't get into naming bands that need retiring sooner than later.  It wasn't that they couldn't still play well, but more of a loss of enthusiasm and quality sound.  The sound was the strange part since all used the same house PA system which was very good.

Next up???