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Title: For Tony.............
Post by: Ed Schilling on May 07, 2017, 11:15:32 PM
Hey Tony, when you told me Peach took his Rock Chucker back I had a thought to tell you but got distracted. I have reloaded since I've been shooting. I've used both single stage and Lee progressive presses. Had 2 at one time running, one set up for .45 and one for 5.56. Here is the a set of RCBS dies and a Lee hand press. It is as fast as a single stage and unless you are doing volume it's just fine. It is also convenient. I hate to admit I'll watch TV while reloading and that is a major no-no. I can do it and feel OK only because all my loads fill the case. A double charge is not possible and I visually inspect each case to make sure I charged it. I also weigh each bullet when done to make sure they are all within a couple grains of each other.

I use RCBS dies for the .300 Blackout and a Lee "factory crimp" die to, uh, give them a factory crimp. I'll probably never set up my progressive presses again.........want one set up for 5.56 really cheap? Give me a call :)