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Title: THE REVIEW>>>WOW!!!!!!!
Post by: Ed Schilling on March 01, 2016, 08:19:50 AM
I'm speechless. It can be found in 2 places....
On this page it is under March 2016, Reference Components.......near the bottom of the page,

Thank you, Mr. Salvatore!

Title: Re: THE REVIEW>>>WOW!!!!!!!
Post by: Henry on March 01, 2016, 12:09:45 PM
"The Truth" is the most 'perfect' electronic audio device, of any type, that I have ever heard, and that is why I also describe it as "one of a kind"."

Not too shabby.  :D

Title: Re: THE REVIEW>>>WOW!!!!!!!
Post by: Steve F on March 01, 2016, 12:12:48 PM

Congrats. Looks like you're gonna' have to get a fancy faceplate and knobs. "Truth" be told, the only thing I don't like about mine are the knobs. It's fully the equal of anything else and better than 99% of 'em.


Title: Re: THE REVIEW>>>WOW!!!!!!!
Post by: Steve F on March 01, 2016, 12:17:04 PM
Oh and Ed, apply for a patent NOW.

Title: Re: THE REVIEW>>>WOW!!!!!!!
Post by: theophile on March 01, 2016, 02:23:59 PM
Oh and Ed, apply for a patent NOW.

I agree

Title: Re: THE REVIEW>>>WOW!!!!!!!
Post by: Capt. Z on March 01, 2016, 02:43:18 PM
WOW, What a review.

From now on the BEST LINESTAGE EVER (The Truth) will sell for a special price of ONLY $ 9750 and Ed will build on a new Pink Room.

Title: Re: THE REVIEW>>>WOW!!!!!!!
Post by: johnnycopy on March 01, 2016, 06:30:00 PM
Could not be happier for you ed.

What those of us who own it have been trying to tell people.

please raise your fricking price!

Congrats, i have not seen a review that gushing.  Made me wanna cry to see what he said about how he wished j gordon holt was alive to hear it!

Let me add a thick pc cord, a brick for the top, and three balls of plasticine for isolation and we will market the truth 2.0 at $2999.00

Title: Re: THE REVIEW>>>WOW!!!!!!!
Post by: jimcant on March 01, 2016, 07:36:34 PM
Hi Ed,

I too am extremely happy for you Ed. Just external confirmation of what many here
already know (except me, for the moment at least :-\).

Also really enjoyed the extensive pre amp discussion by Mr Salvatore. It made things
much clearer as to when gain is needed/not needed.

In the wake of this, I hope things go ballistic for you. You sure deserve whatever success
comes your way.


Title: Re: THE REVIEW>>>WOW!!!!!!!
Post by: Magidrakee on March 02, 2016, 12:37:13 PM
Congratulations Ed!!

Title: Re: THE REVIEW>>>WOW!!!!!!!
Post by: Ed Schilling on March 02, 2016, 04:29:32 PM
Thanks for the kind words, fellows. I really appreciate the support.  I also can't thank Mr. Salvatore enough for believing in a small fish like me. I'll do my best to never let any of you or him down.

Title: Re: THE REVIEW>>>WOW!!!!!!!
Post by: Luddite on March 03, 2016, 06:28:22 AM
Congratulations, Ed!

When I saw your multiple exclamation point "Wow", I thought, "This review must be good", but I was wrong. It's not good, it's GREAT! [insert Tony the Tiger graphic here]

I'm glad Mr. Salvatore was able to see past The Truth's visual shortcomings and give it an honest sonic assessment. I'm not damning The Truth by drawing attention to its appearance, because the "As good as it needs to be" enclosure helps keep the price low enough where I was able to afford to buy one five (?) years ago.

Some years ago there was a minor hi-fi scandal  when some manufacturer secretly took a good $500 CD player and put the guts into an enclosure with a ½" thick face-plate, pretty lights, jewelry RCA jacks, etc.  priced it at several thousand dollars, and called it their own. It got glowing reviews, while the donor player either wasn't reviewed at all, or was given a lower rating.

My point is that if The Truth were in an enclosure that cost Ed $1500 to have machined, and then The Truth were sold for $4000, I believe it would be more likely to end up with an A+ rating in Stereophile's Recommended Components. My intent isn't to imply that Stereophile (and others) review based on appearance, but it's simply human nature to be drawn to what is more aesthetically pleasing. Ed's proved that Form Follows Function, both with his Horns, and now with The Truth. I'm impressed that Mr. Salvatore was able to focus on the function portion of The Truth, and give it his top rating.

Steve F, I'm with you regarding the volume knob, which is why I changed mine to one of these, years ago. Edit: Apparently I'm not able to upload the image of the knob I used, as I was able to do on the old forum. It's a machined aluminum, satin finished knob, with a tapered tip, shaped something like the tip of a straight-slot screwdriver. I think it cost me all of $5 or $6 at Mouser or Digi-Key.

Again, congratulations, Ed! I hope that other reviewers will take notice, write equally glowing reviews, and help spread the word about The Truth.

Title: Re: THE REVIEW>>>WOW!!!!!!!
Post by: Ed Schilling on March 03, 2016, 09:16:41 AM
Tod, you need to bring yours down so I can adjust it and upgrade it. I changed some subtle stuff.

Ok, I give. I have found some really nice boxes, no increase in price.

Kris is making me a new site as well, I reckon I might as well move into the 20th century :)

Thanks again, fellows, I am humbled by your kind words and support!

Title: Re: THE REVIEW>>>WOW!!!!!!!
Post by: Luddite on April 08, 2016, 02:06:39 PM
I'll probably ship it down, Ed, then drive down to pick it up. Now that the review's out, I guess $10,000 worth of shipping insurance is reasonable.

Congratulations again on a great review!

Title: Re: THE REVIEW>>>WOW!!!!!!!
Post by: 2__z0rk on April 26, 2016, 09:20:53 AM
Congratulations! Your gear is truly audio-magical.
I've been saving up for The Truth and an Amp Camp Kit ever since I got your The Horn a couple of years ago. Please don't raise the price until I get my order in!  :D



Title: Re: THE REVIEW>>>WOW!!!!!!!
Post by: vrod on August 17, 2016, 05:03:02 PM
Ed. its a good thing I mailed my check for The Truth yesterday. There are going to be numerous orders. WOW!

Title: Re: THE REVIEW>>>WOW!!!!!!!
Post by: coolhand28 on February 27, 2017, 06:35:24 PM
Still wondering what was up with my experience with the truth?I guess just wrong in my system-but active pre's work best for me-glad i gave it a shot!!!!

Title: Re: THE REVIEW>>>WOW!!!!!!!
Post by: Ed Schilling on February 27, 2017, 07:17:49 PM
Mike, the Truth is active and can deliver more current than most "active with gain". It is not and can not be made to operate in "balanced mode". You and one or two others are the only guys that have returned one for refund in over 6 years. It's NO BIG DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!   It did not work in your system but not because it is not "active". It is better than all "active" line stages in every area except gain!

It's no big deal!

Title: Re: THE REVIEW>>>WOW!!!!!!!
Post by: Steve F on February 27, 2017, 08:19:06 PM
I had to add about 4-6Db of gain, at my crossover to successfully match up the Truth with my system. My power amps aren't the easiest to drive.
 I know some of you guys run the Horned Heils. Have you tried biamping your systems? The Truth is such an impressive performer, it's one preamp to build a system around.


Title: Re: THE REVIEW>>>WOW!!!!!!!
Post by: theophile on March 06, 2017, 01:23:06 AM
I use The Truth in an apparently simple system. I say 'apparently' because the speakers contain 2 x discrete amplifiers and electronic crossovers in each cabinet. So, if that fits the definition of biamping, I'm there. I will say little about the speakers(KRK Expose E8B monitors). They are largely unknown outside of the professional recording environment. They are not even common within that environment. They are incredible speakers, but talking about speakers that most people will never lay eyes upon, let alone hear at their best, is like trying to describe a complex flavour to someone who had no experience of the subject.

Where this ties in with The Truth is that it adores pure Sources and pure Transducers. It can't embellish. It can't cover-up. It can't taint. If that sounds boring, well if your Source happens to be boring, The Truth will have no trouble giving you all the best that the particular Source can deliver in the way of sonic virtue. It will not diminish the capability of your boring Source component. The good will sound better than you have ever heard it. The Truth does not have the tendency to 'liven-up' a Source beyond the capability that the component inherently possesses.

Many will be satisfied with The Truth. Those who will be most satisfied with The Truth will be those with extremely capable Source components. The message of that last sentence is multiplied if the amplification and the speakers are similarly excellent. The Truth owner with a superb Source component and similarly superb amps and speakers, well set up in superb room, will surely be overjoyed. Inserting The Truth into a system with a idiosyncratic or coloured Source whilst also running superb speakers and superb amps might leave the owner impressed with the fact that The Truth now reveals the virtues of the Source unambiguously, but might be disappointed to have a clearer view of the deficiencies. That is the nature of The Truth. It is like a camera which captures the image to perfection. The end product in the case of The Truth relies on the subject being captured.

 Make sure your Source at least has the opportunity to work at its best. Time spent optimising the Source on a The Truth based system will pay big dividends. Very much so if the Source component is extremely superb and is being used in a less than optimal manner. The Truth will allow one to hear immediately and with perfect certainty how one's attempt to optimise their Source component is progressing. As such, The Truth is an absolutely necessary item in the quest for a truly great sounding system. A wise Truth owner will utilise its ability to sort the wheat from the chaff in this area.

Title: Re: THE REVIEW>>>WOW!!!!!!!
Post by: Ed Schilling on May 18, 2017, 10:02:17 PM
The link to the review has been changed since the review was over a year old. Mr. Salvatore has added a little to it I think. The new link has replaced the old one.

Title: Re: THE REVIEW>>>WOW!!!!!!!
Post by: Steve F on May 23, 2017, 10:03:54 PM
Mr Salvatore has dropped a couple of hints about the"Ultimate Truth" but they're only teasers.