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Title: My system
Post by: Capt. Z on December 28, 2010, 07:46:12 PM
Well, someone has to be the first, so let me start here. My set up has changed slightly, but the main things remain.

Actually there are two systems in my room, the first is designed around my almost 20 year old ACI Sapphire III speakers with 2 ACI subs.

The second system is based around the Hornshoppe Horns, powered usually by a Transcendent T16 and sometimes by an Acurus A80. Volume control of course is Ed's Truth.

Title: Re: My system
Post by: steve f on January 01, 2011, 09:01:27 AM

Very nice,  the TS & Horn Shoppe combo with the Truth pre must be absolutely killer.  One difference between your Horns and mine is that Ed mounted my drivers diagonally.  I'm just curious as to which install is the current one.  How do you like the T-90's?


Title: Re: My system
Post by: Capt. Z on January 01, 2011, 10:35:59 AM
Hi Steve;

I specifically asked Ed to install the drivers horizontal. I like the look of that better, guess I am somewhat old-fashioned. I started of with the 126E driver and just as I had around 600 or 700 hours on the driver Ed announced the new 126EN driver. Well, I had to have it, together with the T90.

The new 126EN has more bass and top end extension than the older E version, therefore the older driver benefit more from the T90. The T90 just extends the upper frequencies more.

I do like the TS and Horn combo, but the Acurus and Horns are very good to. The Acurus has a tighter bass and more extended highs and lets you hear more detail, it's like opening another window. The TS probably does better in the mids, but I have not compared them enough to have a more specific handle on that difference.

Title: Re: My system
Post by: Capt. Z on October 29, 2011, 05:09:12 AM
Well, since I posted these last picture, I have moved house (and continent). Moved from South Carolina to Scotland. My last listening room was a converted car port. My current listening room is a converted car garage. It was way to small for a car, only 6 feet wide. So now this is my little Man cave.

Even though the room is rather small, the Horns and Super tweeter, powered  by the Transcendent T16 amp sounds better then ever. The Horns pulled out from the corner and supported by my old, trust ACI subwoofer sounds very balanced. I hear more detail then ever before and huge 3D cues, must be the near-field listening position.

The Truth pre-amp is hidden behind the draped over cloth on the left side on the rack.

Title: Re: My system
Post by: Capt. Z on December 30, 2012, 09:45:48 AM
Time is moving on and my Horns with Supertweeter have evolved into the Great Heiled Horns. Amp is still T16.

Since the last post I added a 2nd system into my always small and cramped listening room. Pulled in my old, but trusted ACI Sapphire III speakers, powered by my Conrad Johnson CAV 50. This second system is mainly used for classical music.